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anyone want to share how your xanax taper or withdrawal went
what was your dosage how long were you on it and how did you quit
and how do you feel.
i was on it 4.5 yrs at 0.75 to 1 mg a day been off it for 8 days now
I sure hope you're tapering and not cold turkey...that can be very dangerous. why were you on xanax?
i was put on xanax when my husband was killed to calm me down i did not know it was a short term med. my doc kept me on it. i decided to stop on my own. i did a 3 week taper and have been off it since april 16th. i am lucky and have just a few mild wd symptoms.
i was most worried about seizures so i did not ct i did 3 cuts
0.75 to 0.37 for 1 week
0.37 to 0.25 for 1 week
0.25 to .125
then stopped after being on .125 for 7 days