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I started Celexa a couple of days ago. I only took one pill 20mg. It was the most horrible day I had. I felt totally freaky, out of touch, anxious and all around rotten. I haven't taken another one since then. I will make it through my blues without this crap. But the deal with me, is that I am never suicidal. That isn't the depression I have, I am just worried, worried about bills and dying or catching something. So for me, I think I need counseling and a xanax now and then. But for you or anyone who is suicidal you may want to stick with the med (antidepressants) to level you out so you won't have those thoughts. Definately follow your doctors advice. I just hate the feeling those darn pills give me. They make me feel worse. I was on Celexa 8 years ago for 6 months and weened myself off. I am not sure what the Lexapro is like. I heard it is good, but if it isn't working for you most definately have the doc get you on a different one. Good luck! Keep your head up! You WILL make it!
I took lexapro for 3 weeks. I felt jittery and my blood pressure went up significantly. I also lost 9 lbs but I'm not complaining about that. I changed to celexa. I had been on it previously ( 20mg) for about 4 months. I am only taking 10 mgs now. The worst side effects were hot flashes around 4 am. But my doc told me to take an antihistimine at night and a xanax. After about 4 days that went away for the most part. I still wake up about 4 hours after I go to bed and feel warmer than normal but I can go back to sleep with no problem. Hope this helps.