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Hi, everyone.

I'm new here (obviously). If you don't mind, I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 43-year-old female with a whole host of health problems that I take lots of meds for. I have asthma, polycystic ovarian syndrome, bipolar type 2 disorder, allergies, hypothyroidism, and GERD. Currently, I take Singulair, Xyzal, Lo Ovral, Protonix, Zyprexa, Paxil, and Synthroid. I also take Xanax for anxiety and Advair for my asthma.

I have been experiencing pain in my right sternum area after a bout of vomiting several weeks ago. My GI doc sent me in for an ultrasound on Wednesday, thinking it was gallbladder problems. Got a call this afternoon from my primary doc (who was sent the results as a courtesy), and they found a "spot" on my liver. The radiologist thinks it's benign, but will not say for sure. My primary doc thinks I need a MRI to rule out cancer. On top of all this, I'm scheduled to see my GI doc tomorrow morning bright and early for an upper endoscopy that he scheduled the same time as the ultrasound was scheduled-when I first went to see him about the pain. The MRI has not been scheduled as of yet.

I have been fatigued for the past few months, and I have been ascribing it to the meds I take for my bipolar disorder. Now I'm starting to wonder if I had cancer all along. I had a mammogram and Pap test that both came back normal. I also had bloodwork done less than a month ago for liver function that came back normal.

I am scared witless right now, and I'm hoping that some of you more knowledgable ladies can help me. Does anyone have any advice/comfort/insight to offer? I have so many days to get through until I even have the MRI, and even then, it's not conclusive, is it? Please help!!