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Day 6

Good morning. Last night was the best nights sleep I've gotten in a long time. The meds were causing panic attacks in the middle of the night for the 4 months I was taking them. I only took .5mg of Xanax on that 2nd night and have gritted it out the rest of the nights. I want to 100% free of mind altering narcotics and feel that I am on my way. I was eating a regular meal last night as my appetite has returned. I dropped a total of 22lbs, on a 300lb man its a drop in a bucket, but it definitely feels like I'm getting better. Tonight we will be starting the Indiana Jones movies leading up to the newest one, in the theater, on Monday. I can't wait and it feels great to be able to interact and be part of the family again.

The upset intestinal track is slowing down. I am drinking a lot more water and its not racing through me. I am taking the vitamins and had the bath last night (good call Jerry, felt great) I have more meetings this weekend, lunch today and tomorrow evening. Really nice people there too that are supporting as well.

Thanks everyone, I am happy to be out of the hell I was in. I will check in from time to time this weekend and update my progress.

Happy Memorial Day