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Hello. My doctor gave me Xanax to help me sleep at night and also I guess because I have a lot of anxiety right now due to some stuff in my life.

I am a little concerned because Xanax is supposed to be habit-forming... NOT something I would want to deal with right now.

I have been taking it for a week, I know that's not very long. But I read some comments online somewhere that it doesn't take very long.

Can anyone tell me what to expect from this drug in terms of addiction? She had talked about me taking it for a month and that's it. Is it habit forming in that amount of time? Am I already addicted to it, to a certain extent?

I am not taking anything else at this time, FYI.

Any info or insight would be appreciated.

By the way, it has helped me sleep but I'm a bit of a zombie - a very very crabby zombie, actually. So I'm not sure if it's really worth it...
Thanks for the info. I hadn't heard of Unison, she gave me trazodone and it was very effective and I only used it once a month or so, but then it stopped working. :confused: Too bad, it wasn't habit forming and put me right to sleep.

Anyway, I will ask her about that so that the Xanax is no longer my only option staring at me at in the middle of the night... ?

Thanks again.
There are many other drugs for sleep. A man in my office has recently returned from rehab for xanax addiction, started off as a small dose and he took for 19 months with higher dosages under dr. supervision. He tried to wean off drug and apparantly this is one drug nearly impossible to kick without side effects (his were tongue rolling and confused thoughts). He is still suffering from nervous system withdrawl symptoms and has gone from work to ER room twice.

Do you really need it?

He is 45 days out of rehab