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I came off Oxycodone and then Xanax, both by tapering. I never did crave the drugs as I came off... what I craved was understanding what the heck to do with my time not zonked out on them. Sometimes I would just stand stock still and actively wonder what I might be doing instead of standing stick still. Chuckles. It was at these times that I would have to think about what I used to do with my time... oh! Pick up a broom and sweep the floor. Oh, go walk out in the yard and bring in the garbage cans. I had not done things like that in so long that I truly had to relearn to do them. Throughout the year of tapering and even for a while afterwards, I had to actively think about things I could do with my time. It was quite a while before I learned again to just relax so I stayed really active. when pain would not allow me to move around too much, I called friends, I posted. I looked around me in all places to see what other people were doing and tried some of their activities.

All of this might seem silly, but what was actually happening was changing drug use time habits into new and healthier habits.... normal ones. It is a year sometime this month that I took my last crumb of narcotic and finished the tapering. I no longer have to actively think about what I should be doing. New thoughts fill my head now and my life runs pretty smoothly.

When a craving hits, I would suggest that you force the next thought to be, "Hmm, what can I do constructively?" Practice doing that and eventually it will become a habit. And eventually the thought will come and not be preceded by a craving. They will pretty much disappear. Become very conscious in changing the thought patterns. I needed professional help to work on this changing the thinking. Maybe it is something to consider.

Best wishes