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Welcome to the board. It is good to see your desire to get off these pills and better your life. And believe me when I tell you from experience that you can get off them and life will be so much healthier and happier for you.

Gently I write that you are in pretty deep here and the road ahead may be long and rocky, but it is a road that is going to lead to a pill free life ultimately.

I came off Oxycodone and then Xanax and I will share what worked for me. First off, I overshot the runway in waiting too long to get help and neded up non-functioning before I woke up enough to understand I could not do it alone. I started with a visit to my family doctor and with tearful full disclosure, spilled my guts to what was going on with me. I had first started using narcotics for pain relief ten years prior, but slowly crossed the line into using the for everything, including stubbed toes and emotional hiding. Together with my doctor, we worked out a tapering plan for me. As I worked through the taper, I also got involved with private counseling... this counseling continues.

My suggestion would be that you make an appontment with a doctor first thing. He is not going to turn you into the police or anything! What he will do is get you started on a program that will work best for you.

Stay with us.

Wishing you the best