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Hi Lizzy

Girl, I know how hard you are working to find the balance. That surely was a huge step to spill it to the psychiatrist and I applaud the huge effort I know that took. Good for you.

Yes, I did get straight up with every single doctor who treated me ... oncologist, heart guy, family doctor, surgeon... all of them. The week after I started tapering, I called every office and told them I wanted it put into my records that I was withdrawing from opiates and Xanax. I wanted the safety nets in place for me in case I started backing down. Then as I saw each doctor on visits, we simply talked about it and all was cool. It has not stopped getting a med when it is truly needed... like when I went to the Emergency Room, I was given morphine shots and sent home with a script for Vicoden, which was handed to my husband. Everything was upfriont and worked out well. I am not afraid anymore about being left in pain because I have found that the doctors all appreciated the honesty and now can work in the best way with me and my situation.

Take the path step by step there, Lizzy. Every step we take, whether hard or easy, is progress. We are all works in progress as long as we keep on stepping.