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Hello all.
Ive been suffering for a while now. Im not sure what it is but it might be depression. I have been diagnosed with panic disorder several years ago and was given xanax. I took it a couple of times and felt great. I stopped taking it and felt great for a while but now it seems like I have slipped into this cloud again. I just felt like i havent been happy or relaxed in months. I just feel panicky and tired and sad, and headachy, and foggy and worthless, and undriven. I have zero self esteem and just dont feel like doing anything. I cant focus and worry about stuff constantly.. I have considered that it might be adult add, anxiety or just plain old depression. Anyway I do want to go to a doctor or psychiatrist but my insurance doesnt kick in for another month and a half or two. I would like to go before that despite teh costs, just because i want to feel better and thats priceless to me.
I figured going to a family doctor would be cheaper, at least for now until i get the insurance. Will it be neccesary for more than one visit for them to give me something to help me? I already had blood work done a couple of years back that ruled out thyroid problems. I cant go back to the doctor I went to before, because i live in a different state now. What is the regular protocol for diagnosing depression and will just a regular phsycian be able to help me and how soon??! I dont want to be referred to a bunch of places and have to go back a couple of times due to time and money issues right now. I just feel like i need some meds right now. Any ideas?