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Ok, Back from Vermont. Feeling a bit better. My goal for the weekend was to finish Ken Follet's book, The Pillars of the Earth. Nice try. I got about 300 pages of the 1000 done. I love books that take you out of yourself and kind of give you a new perspective.......

The weekend wasn't too bad with physical side effects. I had expected the worst, and I didn't even come close to worst case scenario (like Thurs night--woah). Lots of dizziness and brain zaps. A mild case of anxiety, but not too bad. Xanax helped, but only the smallest possible doses when needed. I got to completely relax, so I think that helped. I am anticipating that things may go a little north when I going back to work tomorrow, but I am really going to try to stay optomistic.

Thanks for the responses, guys. Terry, I hope all is well for you right now.