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To: Waitingtolive,

I am so glad you posted again. Emsmom is right about telling the doctor, but like anyone else, some doctors are better than others. Most will know what to do and understand, be compassionate, and will help you. I hope you have a good relationship with him/her. "reachout", a wonderful lady on this forum had a great relationship with her doctor, and she always said that that was one of the many reasons she was able to get off oxys and Xanax. (sorry, reachout, not really trying to put words in your mouth).

Having legitimate pain makes the problem with being dependent on pain pills harder, but, according to most on this site, much of the pain could really be the pills talking to you and lying to you. You will know more about that after you taper, if that is what you will do. On top of everything else, you said you will be having surgery, which will bring more legitimate pain. Another reason to consult with your doctor, and the surgeon.

Waitingtolive, my very best to you. Keep reading and you will read about others that have pain, and are dependent upon pain pills, and about what they have done. My prayers will be with you.