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I wanted to start my taper today and I really meant to, but I was running late today and without thinking I followed my normal routine and took six of my 325mg hydrocodones. I normally only take five in the morning but I actually took an extra one. Is it too late to taper today or can I still taper my next doses today?

My husband and I have a fun thing to go to after work tonight and I'm also afraid that if I start to taper I'll be a total B**** tonight and we won't have fun. I do have Xanax, which is prescribed to me for anxiety but I haven't taken it in a long time. I brought it with me today (after I realized I screwed up; but still hoping I could/would taper later today) because I remember reading in the post about home detox that it can help with the w/d. Do you think that will help?
Hi Adventurer

Friend, if we waited for the ideal time to taper, we would never begin. Chuckles.

Actually, it probably is a good time... being out will help distract you from any symptoms. Cut at least a 1/2 tab from the next dose. It won't throw you into a turmoil and the evening will still be fun.

Please be very careful using the Xanax... it is a potent drug even in very small doses and we can quickly become addicted to it. I was already on it when I tapered from Oxycodone and I am sure it helped me. However, when I finished the Oxycodone taper and began to taper from Xanax, it was extraordinarily tough to do it. Benzos like Xanax are in a class of their own when it comes to getting off of them.

Wishing you well
Thank you reach and waiting, that really helped! I guess there is no time like the present, you are right about that. Except in my mind I thought the best time to start would be first thing in the morning when I've already gotten some of it out of my system from not taking it all night because I was asleep. I thought it would be easier then. Maybe not, eh? I plan to taper more than a half a pill though. My plan is to take only three the next time I take them and then three tonight. Then tomorrow I'll take three at each dose then too. The problem comes in when it comes time to take it I keep wanting to reach for that euphoric feeling one more time. I have to keep telling myself that it doesn't last and then I'm disappointed in myself.

The Xanax really doesn't do anything for me when I do take it. It was prescribed to me years ago for anxiety and panic attacks as needed, however I no longer suffer from panic attacks. I do take one .5 mg xanax at night, almost every night before going to sleep to help me sleep (when I'm not taking the hydro). Other than that, I never take it. This is going to sound stupid, but I've tried taking it before because I know people can get addicted to it and I thought it might give me a buzz or something and it never did anything for me. Now i'm hoping it will help me get off the hydro, I plan on taking it when I get anxious from the w/d. I'm not worried about becoming addicted to the xanax at all.