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[QUOTE=bono1968;3645535]Did you take any other meds while you where on Adderall? What was the time frame for the dosage increase? What was coming off it like?

I also took Nueronton, Xanax, Ambien, Copaxone, Tegertol and some pain meds along with antidepressants....I had to have the Ambien to sleep since the Adderall kept me up. The Xanax for stress and anxiety and the nueronton for pain (nerve). It all was a up and down mix. I walked around in a fog...( drug induced)which I did not notice until I stopped the Xanax, Antidepressants, pain meds and Adderall. The dosage was increased every 3 months and when I went off of it, it was like coming off of Nicotine. Moodiness, severe mood swings...etc. It is a wonderful drug for concentration and fatigue in the begining. Actually it is very common with people who are ADD. I just chose to try and find other ways to fight fatigue and to become as drug-free as I could. I found it so easy just to take the meds. after all I was given them! :) However, when I came off of them, I was a totalally different person...myself. :) I hope this helps.