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Hello Minnie

Nice to meet you.

Minnie, I tapered off oxycodone and then from Xanax, It took me about a year and I am a bit over a year clean now. You know what? I had no desire to use the drugs anymore. Not at all.

What I struggled with was what to do with the time I used to spend zoned out. I wasn't used to doing anything but going to work, coming home and zonko. Actually, my last weeks at work were pretty unproductive also.

So. What I had to learn again was how to interact socially.. I was actuially afraid of social encounters. I had to learn how to do household chores again. I had to find some kind of normal routine again. It was learning once again how to fill my time in normal, everyday routines and activities.

I will always have to be aware and knowledgeable about my addiction, but today, I identify myself as many more things than an addict.

I wish you well