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I tried Prozac a little less than 4 weeks. It also increased my anxiety and my Dr gave me Xanax to take along with it. In the end and this was just my personal experience- I know for a fact a lot of people are successful with Prozac- my sister included- I did not do well with it. It made my anxiety much worse and my blood pressue sky high. But, that was just me. You have to give it time to take affect but if you need a little help in the meantime ask you Dr about something to help control the extra anxiety. Best of luck!

I wanted to add that I started out at 10mg. I am very sensitive to these meds. When I started Lexapro we started at 5mg. Perhaps, 20mg is too high for you to start. Just an idea.
I do have Xanax in case I have a panic attack, but I'm kind of scared to take it. I'm seeing my doctor on Friday, so I'll tell her about my increase in anxiety. Maybe she'll switch me to 10 mg...
My suggestion would be to take the xanax that is why the Dr gave it to you. It was my saving grace even though in the end I did not tolerate the Prozac. Don't suffer it out.

Hang in there!!!! :)
I agree; take your Xanax. It's really effective and has minimal side effects. The only reason it's not normally given for long-term use is it can be addictive, but using it in a limited capacity to "tide you over" until the meds kick in shouldn't be an issue!

It also might encourage you that my new meds (Zoloft) finally kicked in for me this week and I feel much, much better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!