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ok ill start by saying im a 24 year old male with a few autoimmune diseases, and also have neurologic lyme disease... my lyme dr has been giving me pain meds for awhile now and im completly abusing help me please or give some advice...

I do suffer from ALOT of pain, however I dont even know really know how my pain stands as i popped 180 10/325 percocets in 10 days. I do get high from them...but dont really get high off them anymore its more like maintainace. he also prescribes me 150 1 mgs blue football xanax a month ( I dont abuse those like i do the pain meds) Today I took the last of my percocet. I dont see him until the 18th of August. So now I will start my withdraws I have withdrew alittle in the past, but it was only for a few days. I dont know really what to expect, besides feeling very sick from them. In the past just from a few day withdraw I got Nerve Chills, Diarea, Servere Muscle aches, just to name a few can you all offer any advice as this will be Completly Cold Turkey. I plan on telling my Dr next time I see him that I want to be lowered off my pain medication. ANY IMPUT WILL BE GREATLY APRRECIATIED.