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Heya lillie

Just wanted to share a bit more....

First, about 10 years or so ago, I was in a horrible clinical depression, just so deep in it and so lost. I came across a chat room ( which ten years ago were much more 'normal' than they are now.

I started to read what people were writing about depression ( in real time then) and as soon as I did I put my hand on the computer screen and began wailing. What a feeling it was to know I was not alone! So I really understand how this board can bring tears. When I ound it in November of 2006, I felt immediately 'at home' and received so much good from the people here.

Second... I was taking 12 tabs of Oxycodone as well as 5 tabs of Xanax.5 at my peak. I tapered off the oxycodone and then the Xanax. I was scared to death in the beginning. Today I am clean, pill-free and happy again. We can do it, girl, yes we can. Don't ever lose the hope... ever.