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I had to switch Drs today after 12 years and really like my new dr except for the fact she is insistant on me trying lexapro. I have successfully been on xanax for 9yrs perscribed .25mg 3xs per day but only take 2x's per day. My quality of life has changed tremendously since I have been on xanax. I had almost daily panic attacks and anxiety before. I tried zoloft, paxil cr, seratonin (blackboxed), and prozac all of which had adverse reactions. Very increased panic attacks, irritability, nausea, ect... I don't want to go through that again. She says xanax is too addicting and I should switch to something else, but after 9yrs and I have never increased my dosage why? Please help, I don't know what to do.
Zanax is a Tranquilizer (and addicting). Lexapro works in a totally different way. Look online at each drug and you will see why your Doctor wants you off the Xanax but whatever you do, don't stop taking it abruptly. You must gradually decrease the dosage as the Lexapro begins to work. Discuss this with your Doctor and good luck.
"Addicting" what does that mean exactly? I have been on this for 9 years, prescribed 3x's a day and only take 2 a day. Also every other seratonin drug I have taken has caused my panic attacks to increase and my health to suffer because of nausea, which inturn cause lack of eating and I have hypoglycemia and a very fast metabolism.
Before xanax I could barely go to the grocery store or walk into a public place much less talk to people. Now, I am president of the PTO for my daughters school, parent sponsor for her cheer club, on the PTA at my sons school and his room parent. I'm very happy with my life. Why try to fix something that is not broken?
Unfortunately, this is what happens to many of us that suffer from anxiety. We find a benzo that was made for us (cures our anxiety) and then the doctor decides we've been on it too long and quits prescribing it. If you are not depressed and your anxiety is controlled with the Xanax I don't see why you can't continue to take it. Xanax is a perfect drug for persons with severe anxiety. I guess SSRIs are the new fad right now with so many of them coming out on the market that doctors are bombarded with drugs reps informing them of the tragedies of patients on Benzos for long term therapy and they need to switch them to SSRI drug therapies.

The same thing happened to me when I went on Paxil. I asked the doctor for Xanax and he informed me that this med was addictive and he would prefer that I take an SSRI because they are not as addictive (some people would disagree). I can say that after I got the Paxil in my system I did not need the Xanax anymore.

I would give the Lexapro a go. Ask the doctor if you can still take the Xanax (3 times per day) for a month at full dose while the Lexapro takes effect. You will have to discontinue the Xanax slowly and I would not try to discontinue until the Lexapro has been in your system for at least a month if not longer. SSRIs will sometime give you more anxiety, stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. at first, however, these side effects go away after about a month. You need to give the Lexapro at least a couple of months to work.

Or you could go to another doctor that will let you stay on Xanax; however, eventually, most doctors, will not want you to stay on a Benzo long-term.

I took Xanax a long time ago as prescribed (2 times a day) and after 6 months I came off it slowly and did not have any withdrawal side effects. I was taking Lexapro at the time so this helped with the withdrawal from Xanax.
Thank you for your insight. I may give it a try in the future but I am too busy to have my life disrupted with the side effects right now. I would like to know why so many think we need to switch to these "new" drugs because of the long term effects xanax has, but since these others are "new" they have no idea the long term effects they will have. One drug I was prescribed ended up being black boxed. I guess I'm frustrated because she was insistant with out even having a copy of my chart from my previous dr. My husband state it could be because so many people dr hop for controlled substances, but I didn't even ask for a prescription, I have 3 refills left and have to go back in a month. Ahhh I'm so frustrated, I guess I'll explain my reasoning to her and if she won't listen then I'll just find another dr that will.
I agree with you about the xanax. I have tried some of the other things that they have samples of (always notice that -samples) and they only make you feel like a zombie - where as xanax just takes the edge off. I can take 1/4 for a day or so and stop for 2 or 3 weeks and never touch until I really get anxious. But on these other drugs you HAVE to take every day until you just don't feel anymore. That is why they call it practicing medicene - they practice on us - this does not work or works to good let's try something else. Plus my friend the drug salesperson wants me to push his product. Most Dr's are interested in one thing - pushing people through the doors and making money. Most never ask - why do you think this is happening - etc - 5 minutes in the room - here take this and come back and if this does not work - take this - Gosh what a cycle- Shirley
The major issue dr's have with Xanax is the addiction factor and how wicked difficult it is to get off of. Since you've been on it 9 years and are not abusing it the doc should have no problem. But yes, from what I've read it will be very, very difficult for you to get off it. If it works for you - go for it.

I specifically asked for Buspar instead of Xanax since I have an addictive personality type. Took that in conjunction with Lexapro. Yes, as others have said the Lexapro takes a while to work and the first two weeks of side effects are intolerable. But is does eventually work, and really well for me.

Best advice I ever got was from another board: "Your doctor is only a paid consultant. In the end you are the manager of your own health".

Best wishes.
Thank you, that is wonderful advice you received. Thank you for sharing :) You are right it is wicked to get off of. I unexpectedly got pregnant after 3 years of use and abruptly stopped the xanax, WOW talk about DTs :dizzy:
I actually decided I would never go back on it but after my son was born and 1 month of terrible post partum, and panic attacks. My husband and I decided it was best for me to go back on. Sure glad I did, Life has been great ever since.

Thanks to all, this is a wonderful message board ;)