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I am in the same position that you are. I have suffered anxiety attacks and depression for years. I was diagnosed with hypothyroiditis about 15 years ago. In March I thought I was going to lose my mind- the anxiety was so bad I could not stop shaking, couldn't eat, cried constantly and was losing weight. I went to see my doctor and a blood test showed my hypothyroid had flipped into hyper. He reduced my meds twice and I started feeling a little better. I became so frustrated that I quit taking my thyroid meds and when I had another blood test my hypo readings were very high. My doctor said I could not stop taking the meds. Right now I will have several days of feeling okay and then several days of anxiety. I am on a roller coaster. I take Effexor and when needed, Xanax. I have symtoms of both hypo and hyper and am at my wits end.

I know how you feel. Evidentally (under doctor supervision) we have to adjust meds until we reach the right dosage. Like you, I feel it has been my thyroid all these years that has caused the anxiety but if the thyroid jumps around, it is a never-ending battle. Let me know how you are doing.