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I drink something real fast if I get that "stuck in the throat" feeling. Bet that chip did hurt! I know it's not possible to do this every time you have a spell but getting in water helps me, Maybe breathing in the warm air of just plain breathing. Easier said than done but try to relaxe. Sit back, close your eyes and make notice of your breathing.
If that don't work, take a Xanax and go to bed! LOL.

Good advice, Charla!

I will ask my doctor for Xanax rx next time I see him (in a week). He is starting to think I need a medication along those lines. Prescribed one (mild) that costs 140 dollars a month. My pharmacist told me to forget it and go for relaxing walks instead. I will ask for this one though because I hear it works. I hope it costs less than the other one???