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So i leave to go interstate this thursday, the anxiety and panic has been hitting me so hard every day it gets closer, i was prescribed xanax and only tried it for the first time in the weekend.

They prescribed 1mg to me, i thought this was to much and i only took a quarter each day, did not do anything for me at all,

Does anyone have any options for me? like should i maybe try a half?
And would i know if the xanax actually worked cause i am very confused at the moment =(

Just take the xanax as the doctor prescribed it. If the bottle says to take 1 pill, then try one pill. I don't know how you managed to cut a little Xanax into quarters - they must have been crumbs LOL

Obviously, 1/4 of the pill is way too little. Just take the plunge and take a whole pill, when you are home for the night, and see how it affects you. You may just feel a little more relaxed and that's what you need right now. If it makes you real sleepy, just go to bed. At least the next day you will know how 1 pill is going to affect you so you can take it as needed for your road trip.

Best wishes,

Was pretty hard to cut it but i managed!
maybe ill try half?
I dunno my doc hates xanax and said you can get addicted within a couple of days?
Is this even possible?

All i want is to have a good holiday without panic
Hey Makio,

You cannot get addicted to xanax in 2 days. Most doctors I've dealt with only prescribed it for short term use, such as to calm the anxiety you are having about this trip. As long as you don't take more than prescribed, or take them when you are relaxed just because you want one, you will be fine.

Enjoy your tirip!

This is true =)

I have to fource myself to step foot on the train tommorrow, my main problem is i dwell on these "Unrealistic thoughts" and i dont know why.
But i have been taking xanax everyday now, its making me a little tired here and there but yeah i dont mind haha,

What im also thinking is once i get there i think i will look around and go "What Was I Worried About" I have heard that happens alot?