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Hi Strawberry,

I'm a current addict that hasn't gone through physical withdrawal, but Ive seen enough things and read enough that even though withdrawal may not necessarily last 7-10 days as previously stated, I wanted you to know that the first 2-3 days are the hardest (from what I've heard). I don't know this personally, but I say this so that you hang in there!!! If you need to, take off of work and have someone from your family stay with you to make sure you're OK if you need to. Addiction is a disease, and like any other disease you want to get help for it. You wouldn't be diagnosed with cancer and just ignore it without getting help.

I'm still an active drug user and I wish the best for you. I've never gone through physical withdrawal like this from drug abuse, but I went through withdrawal from prescribed medication without even knowing that I was "withdrawing" (Klonopin....similar to Xanax or Valium). I just thought I was feeling like shit and really getting super depressed and sick - mentally and physically.

I wish the best for you, but do not substitute drinking or other drugs like the ones I listed above for the ones you're currently on. As someone else said, it's the drugs/drink that are the demons you're getting rid of now. You're strong enough to do this. I highly suggest that in addition to your counselor you check out some Narcotics Anonymous meetings. They're a non profit group so they don't charge you, but as an addict (even a current user) I feel very comfortable there talking to them and find that it helps me deal with some of my demons, and it's only there that I feel that I can deal with my disease. To find meetings in your area, check the webpage below, and good luck, you can do it!!!