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Lithium is a MINERAL. In super low doses , not the hundreds per day for bipolar but with 20mg per day, there are no side effects. It is a MINERAL. Do a search on
Jonathan Wright , M.D. AND see what he has to say about LOW DOSE lithium.
This is exactly the kind of thing that psychiatrists do NOT want us to know about . If people would only try lithium 20mg they may stop coming to get their very expensive,
EXTREME SIDE EFFECT PRODUCING, psychotrophic drugs like xanax and valium, etc.
Dr Wright, however, is not selling low dose lithium so he is simply showing us a cheap and safe method for GAD. It is so cheap that I think everyone should try it for a week and try to get off of those habit forming pharmaceuticals that many actually believe are safe!! Search: JONATHAN WRIGHT M.D. lithium.