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I have been here before, my xanax consumption has become the only thing I think about, even though I have 3 beautiful children, one with autism, and a wonderful husband to live for. I cannot go away anywhere, now family around to help. I take about 5 mg a day, any suggestions as to what I should do? I keep calling Dr's but they are either not taking on new patients or do not take my insurance. Can I do this on my own? To tell you the truth, I think I cant. Any advice would be welcome.
Our house, unless some miracle comes through, is about to go into forclosure, and there is not much hope on the horizon. Although, I think if I could stop being so selfish (when it comes to the escapism) of the drugs, I could help a little more. Please anyone with advice chime in;)
Hello Monkey

Friend, all is not lost by any means! We do not have to 'go away' to get off benzos like Xanax. What we need to do is understand is will be a long, long slow process. We do need support, someone to moan and groan to when it gets difficult at least one real, live person. We need to understand the process of what our bodies and brain will go through and let it happen.

Slow... the biggest key without a doubt is slooooooooow. It is slow that wins this race. Unlike opiates, withdrawal from Xanax can only be slow and it can so be done. Each cut should only be 5%-10%. When a cut is made, stay there for at least 7-10 days before another cut. Stay put until everything levels out to a degree where the next small cut can be made.

Prepare yourself by learning some calming breathing techniques. This help greatly for the spurts of anxiety that come sporadically. As we breathe calmly, we remind ourselves that we are getting better and better at handling it and that the anxiety will pass. Most bouts are only moments long.

If a stronger anxiety period sets in, get the body moving in a task like sweeping, doing dishes, raking the yard, etc. These things give the anxiety an outlet and also help us to sleep when it is time.

I do not know how often you take Xanax during the day. Come and share some more.

We can get off Xanax, yes we can. There was no one in worse shape physically and mentally as me when I began my tapering. I write this not to insinuate only I had tough circumstances, but to let you know that no matter what the circumstances, getting off Xanax is truly a real doable thing.

There is so much hope, Monkey, of being free of this. I will watch for some more from you.

All best wishes