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Hi Looly

I came off Xanax over the course of about 5 months or so. My starting point was three .5 tabs a day. In retrospect, it would have been better to aim for a year to come off. I got a bit antsy at some ponts becuase I tapered first off opiates for some months and then began the taper from Xanax. I was tired of the whole thing and wanted it over. I know, however, that there is no reason to rush... as long as we continue to make progress, we will get there.

Spurts of anxiety were the major symptom. The episodes might last intensely for 3 minutes or so and sometimes there would be a longer stretch of a general, but not intense, anxiety.

I think understanding what is happening to us throughout the whole tapering process is what helped me to endure the symptoms. My brain had to repair and start firing up again to produce its own chemicals. I looked at every symptom and worked hard to realize it was a symptom of healing as much as of withdrawing.

Sleep also evaded me as I taperewd at some times. I used Melatonin, 3 mgs, to help and found that the stricter I was with a routine at that time, the better.

Wishing you all the best