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[QUOTE=Looly;3737269]Does anyone have experience to advise how long withdrawal from valium should take, like a few months to a year? And also, the symptoms you felt. Thanks.

Hi! VALIUM!!I have been fighting with that one and Xanax and Ambien it seems my whole adult life. (I'll be 63 soon). Right now I'm trying to wean off of Ambien and it is giving me the devil of a time. Someone please write and give me some encouragement. I have a wonderful husband and doctor, but they can't begin to understand what I'm going through.
I think my doctor is going way too fast in taking me off this nasty drug. It''s almost time for me to take a pill, one every four hours. It's hard to believe that it gave me such wonderful sleep in a long ago time.
If someone takes ANY amount of Ambien, stops then can't sleep, that is a dependency.
If someone takes Ambien, then stops, and can only sleep an hour, that is a dependency.
As I said, I took it for 30 days and then couldn't sleep and went cold turkey. I will go so far as to say Ambien can destroy lives. What I take now that works GREAT is:
1/2mg of xanax and 2mg of Melatonin. But I feel there is an UPSPOKEN dependency on
sleeping pills due to severe STRESS. Sure, I think there are some people who have "no" stress and still have some sleep problems but who on earth can sleep when families are in an uproar, the world is in chaos, women work full time plus have kids to raise, etc?
I am Impressed if I meet the rare person over sixty who drifts off like a one year old. My husband tends to do it; I just don't get it.
Please, please try the sublingual Melatonin and learn to clear your mind! Teach yourselves to wipe out racing thoughts. It takes time to learn in a world like ours. GL

The only problem with your theory is that you've now replaced one addictive med with another...xanax is one of the most addictive meds out there. So please be careful with it.
And also to point out, all people respond to meds differently, I took Ambien for 6 years, then stopped and had no problem, no withdrawals, etc.
I took 10 mg of ambien and had no problem dropping to 5
and now i am on 2 and am fine tapering off. Now xanax is
one scary drug and so is ativan and i would not go near
either one of them....just my 2 cents....Karen maybe a
rocking chair would work for all of us....smile
xanax IS addicting but after over 20 years on it I think I've learned to "be careful."
I know someone who takes the "bars" of it and every one she can get her hands on.
Then she just sleeps for hours. I don't have an addictive mentality. I take .50 mg and go to sleep at 9pm. A goal of mine is to not take any but still sleep and I'm reading and trying to learn about that.