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For the last two weeks I have been experiencing intense chest pain/tightness and shortness of breathe. I have had asthma off and on since late 2006 and have been taking meds for depression/anxiety for the last year or so.....but it seems like the only thing that makes me feel normal is when I take something like Xanax or Valium, which my Dr. is 100% against prescribing. I am currently working with my allergy specialist to try and remedy the problem from that angle but doesn't have much effect on my condition. Through this dr. I am taking Singulair, Xoepenex (my inhaler), Platanase(for my sinuses), prednasone ( to reduce swelling in my chest), and Allegra D as needed. Still feel like i have to fight for every single breath from the moment i wake up to the moment i fall asleep. My regular physician has had me on Propanonol, Cymbalta, and I just currently stopped taking lexapro for the second time, none of these have had any noticeable affects. It is becoming almost impossible for me to function on a normal level...just want to run to the ER and beg for relief...even spoke with a confidant on Baker Acting myself because there is a three month wait just to see a psychiatrist in my area ( i dont have insurance) and i know i cant make it three months like this.....I NEED HELP!!