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hi Mary..
first of all.. GOOD LUCK.. its a hard decision to make.. I put my surgery off for 2 and a half years partly because I was stubborn and partly because i didn't want to give up my freedom.. I won't lie. i still regret it from time to time, but my pain was getting worse by the day.. and i finally said.. okay,lets get this over with..

Kathy pretty much covered everything on her list.. before I had the surgery, I made sure I had the toilet seat riser, I'm not sure if Kathy and I have the same one, just sits on top of the toilet and it raises the toilet about 6'' makes a difference, believe me! I also have the bars for the side of the toilet, the shower seat, but take sponge baths most days, I love to cook and can't stay out of the kitchen, so i got a comfortable kitchen stool so i could sit at the counter and prepare whatever I felt like making. if I needed to elevate, i just had someone shove a chair in my direction and i was happy. lol.

Also, if you like to read.. hit the used bookstore now and grab a bagful. I had about 45 books in my reading pile and went through them the first month. now I make my favorite booksellers website happy, upgrade your cable.. you're going to be bored and staring at the tv makes the time go by fast..

get your hair done before surgery, cause its going to be awhile before you'll be able to get back there. unless you have someone thats willing to come to your house. it sounds minor, but you feel better if you look better.. at least I do.

clothes.. I lived in capri's and tshirts mostly.. the wide legged ones fit over the cast.. well, til the cast before last. then i just said forget it and started wearing my flannel nightgowns. I'm in RI, its cold here and it was so much easier. if someones coming to visit me, I'll throw on the capri's and a sweater now, throw on a little makeup so i don't scare them (cause then they might not come back. lol) and I'm good to go. I did try to get dressed most days, you feel better if you do.. but lately I just wanna be warm!!!

lets see.. what else.. you'll need help. you won't think it now.. but you will.. if you crave that alone time, send your help to the grocery store.. but you won't want to be alone.. the first few weeks you wont even feel like pouring yourself a bowl of cereal. so you need to be waited on.. enjoy it while you can.

crutches, walkers, wheelchairs.. the hospital will arrange them all and insurance pays all or most of. I feel safest with a walker, its sturdier.. but use the crutches too, i can get to more places in my house. Kathy mentioned the roller aid.. I've never tried it, but i know she loves racing around on the thing :) lol

i had lots of pillows on hand.. you want to elevate.. it helps the pain. so do your medications. take them generously.. getting comfortable is difficult at first, but it does get easier. you'll have moments, believe me. I had many meltdowns, its part of it. if you've got any anxiety, ask your doctor for something for it.. it'll make a big difference. my doctor told me he didn't want me to have any stress and gave me xanax. i just laughed at him. my whole recovery has been one stress after another. i do my best to manage.

I had alot of fears before the surgery.. like, how was I going to get around, etc.. and you'll find that you manage.. you find ways.. you come here and vent.. or ask questions.. someone usually knows the answer.. if something doesn't feel right.. come here and ask.. one of us has probably been there.. its stressful.. and its scary.. but look at the alternative. I STILL have days that i regret it.. and miss my life.. but hopefully this will all be done and over with soon and i can have a life again.

any questions.. please feel free to ask.. and again, good luck!