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Hi Pro

Welcome to the board. I am going to keep my hope there with yours that you make it this time. The road is hard at times, but doing it with support can help us over the rough spots.

As I worked my way off of Oxycodone and then from Xanax, I grew so much in myself. As the drugs lost their grip on me, I found my life renewed, restored, and a better life altogether. My use started as physical pain relief and ended with spiritual pain so great that I nearly lost all. Today I am happy and joyful and fully enjoying my family and friends and all that life offers me. I care once again about living, really being alive and not just existing. My thinking has just evolved so much. It is no longer consumed with having or not having pills, but rather just with the anticipation of what each new day might bring.

Every good wish that sober thinking fills your mind and soul. Relish your progress with the gratefulness that we have been given a new chance to begin.

With all hope