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What!!?? I take Darvocet and Xanax and have been known to mix them both with alcohol! I am 41 yrs old and I basically stay depressed. I have battled depression since I was 15 years old and did not do any drugs whatsoever. I take Xanax for panic attacks - something I had from the ages 19-22 when I fought like hell to overcome them without the use of drugs, but pure determination. They came back when I was 34-35........ and I just couldn't handle dealing with them by myself at that age. I was given antidepresants. I used them off and on and am now very overweight. I was thin my whole life. So this depresses me further.
I had no idea now addictive Darvocet is until I just read about it . I did not know that it 'makes you feel good'. I have not been conscious of that. All I know is that I want to take more and more. I never felt I was getting high from it and couldn't not understand why I wanted to take more. I assumed I was building a tolerance to it. I take it for a herniated disk in my back and a broken arch in my foot. The broken arch happened from fast weight gain on antidepressants. I've seen people do a double-take when I get out of the car and walk towards the store. I hobble like a little old lady and I look about 32.
Becaue I run out of my Darvocet, I obtained oxycontin. I came on this site because since I have taken the oxycontin I wake up in the wee hours of the morning in much more severe pain than ever and am wondering if it's the oxycontin doing it. Honestly - it has to be. I just need and want to know - WHY???
If you would post details I would appreciate it. But if not, I understand.