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Sorry haven't been on. I also have a 3 and 4 yr old and work part time. But the first time and this time I did tapering. And both times I was also getting them off the streets after running out of my doc's script. I think your doc will help so much.

The first time I was on it for about 2 years and finally got tired of them and tried to cold turkey and b/c I was so determined I flushed the rest of what I had. Well..... I couldn't do it and my husband was so supportive so thankfully he was there with me but he ended up taking me to the hopsital b/c I really thought I was dying. I was up to about 8-10 a day and the after the ER visit they gave me only a few xanax (just enough to get me time to get an appt with my primary). I was lucky to get into my primary that day and I told her the truth and she was nothing but great and resourceful. I was taking percocet and she said she would wean me off but we used vicodin and klonipin. Within one month I was able to wean off. I felt shitty but I was ready.

This second time unfortunately I had a few pain issues with my pregnancy and my doc wrote me a script for vicodin and even though I knew better I took them. Damn that took me back! He wrote me enough for a couple weeks and then I figured since he thought iit was okay to them I made a phone call and got a few more. I spiraled back up to 6-8 or so a day and had such guilt but tried to do it myself but b/c I had them available I kept justifying taking another one. It went on for about 6 weeks and then I just got rid of them (again) and went to my OB and told him the truth and said that I have to wean off b/c cold turkey or a huge jump down is more dangerous for the baby. Needless to say I am doing it! This time last month I was upto 6-8 and have weaned down to just a half of a 500mg vicodin and it's at night b/c I cannot sleep. I go on Monday and he said we'll try a sleeping aid but Im so hesitant b/c I have an addictive personalilty.

Sorrry for the long response. LOL