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hi everyone ,i am in need of help asap i take 3 -1 mgs xanax 3 times a day and 3 darvocets and depakote er 500am 500 pm i was told i had seizures but im beginning to believe its severe panic attacks im having

im under alot of stress i have this dr i do not like he told me either find a psychiatrist or hes stopping all my meds i tried going to rehab and they wouldnt take me cause they told me if i wasnt abusing them i didnt need rehab and i dont abuse i take the xanax to calm me down and the darvocets for pain and depakote they put me on them for seizures but they went by my symtons only

all tests in 2007 and 2008 all were normal my depakote level is 2 but i dont know what that means im not sure if its seizures or not but i just want off all the meds and then i wont have to worry about them anymore

:confused: or some drs who think im crazy and im not for one i have severe panic and the drs just dont understand plus i live with a alcaholic and im so stressed over that i been on xanax since 2006 darvocets in 2007 and depakote dec 07 so can anyone out there tell me the best way to ween off the meds or going cold turkey how bad is that the dr at the hospital told me not to go cold turkey but i dont know what to do im kind of in between drs im looking for a new one and then once im off all those meds im not going back to anymore drs cause they all make me feel like im mental and a druggie which im not ,
i have no dr anymore my dr dissmissed me and i have allready called my neuro dr he says its seizures i dont know and i have had 2 VEEG 2 EEG 2 MRIS all were normal both times but the symtoms i have they tell me its seizures and my levels are 25 and suppose to be 50-100

i think the depakote isnt working for one and i tried to stop the darvocets and thats when all the symtons came i called the drugstore and they told me never stop the darvocets ,xanax or depakote cold turkey so i had to start back on the darvocets but he told me how to ween off them he said 1 week take my reg 3 aday then 2nd week take 2 then 1 then stop ,and on depakote i take my 2 aday 1 week then 1 the next week then 1 pill everyother day then stop

now as for xanax i have no idea how to do them the drugstore said those are too dangerous and he wouldnt tell me on them said i need a hospital or dr and as of today i no longer have a dr cause my dr dissmissed me because he thought i was taking more then i was suppose to oh well i didnt like him anyway but i have to find a dr before tuesday thats when my last pill runs out of xanax .

sometimes i get so mad at drs they dont seem to care to ween you off they just get mad and stop you cold turkey and im terrifed about what to do if i dont find a dr before tuesday some people are addicts but im not i have never abused my meds .
i allready tried going to a rehab and they said im not addicted they said i do have severe panic disorder and that i really need the xanax but the darvocets im weening off them
and im calling my neuro tomorrow he called friday when i wasnt home but no i do not think im addicted cause i can go like 8-9 hrs before i need another its a long story why the dr did what he did
now darvocets i do not need i just have to ween off i been on xanax since 2006 and i went a whole week without once and i called 911 omg many times because it throws me into a seizure
the depakote will work once i get my levels back up to normal range part of the reason they dropped was i thought i could stop taking them but found out i couldnt once i started back on my reg dose my seizures have become less
but honest i do need the xanax i had a dr who wrote down i need them and i have a panic disorder so i have to get that paper and show the dr .

its horrible the way some drs treat people and i truely need them i have never ran out but dont want to either they at the er said if i cant get anymore xanax call 911 asap because of my seizures