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yeah i've been reading up on stuff all day.. do you guys think its bad to take xanax to help me sleep?? thanks for the help, and i'll keep you guys up-to-date on my progress..
Hey there!

I just wanted to say hello and WELCOME you. You will find this group to be very supportive and helpful! I know I did!

i don't know anything about methadone but I am an addict to Oxycontin and Oxycodone... I know how hard it was to get off those!!! I am only 5 days completely off..

I did want to share one thing with you though... When I was doing my wean down program that I requested from my Dr. she had me take xanax to help me sleep at night.. now I am not saying that can be taken with methadone because I dont know about methadone.. but thought it might help to share.

I wish you such success!!!! W/d SUCK BIG TIME so hang in there. Drink lots of water, excersice as much as you can and eat bananna's. Oh.. and i took like 3 baths a day to try to calm my restless legs.. THEY WERE SO BAD I swear I almost lost my mind!

Good luck to you and keep in touch.. Hang around here!!