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Hey There Jess

Honey, keep the focus on the recovery and put all other issues on hold.

It is often hard to see the blessings when we are struggling to find recovery.... however, recovery must be a time of total focus on the self. We must be selfish in that all of the concentration must go to work through the withdrawal and find a new and restored mind and body.

I am 57 and married with a family that I love with all my heart. However, as I went through my own struggles to stop using Oxycodone and Xanax, even those dearest to my heart had to be put on hold. I had to go into survival mode and nothing, and I mean nothing, could interfere with that. It was a time in life when selfish was a good word, a necessary word. It is hard enough to deal with without extra emotional baggage getting in the way. Put all aspects of the relationship on hold. There will be time to figure it all out when the haze of drugs no longer controls the body and mind.

Stay strong... you are a wothwhile young woman and when the path becomes less foggy again, you wiull see that all things worthwhile will come to you.

God bless