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hi again-
My whole thing started about 2 years ago, I came down with a cold and was very weak, went to the doc, he did blood work found out I was anemia. Took care of that problem, but I still felt bad. He sent me to a nero doc he do a mri, found out that my sinues were blocked he sent me to ent doc who had me get a cat scan, had to have sinus surgery. To solve this dizzy/ heavy head feeling , well needless to say it didnt solve the problem, he recommened vB, nothing. I have been back to the doc because the feeling in my head has seem to get worse. More blood to check sugar and iron and some other stuff all came back fine. He had me wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs, to check to make sure my heart was fine.. It was. So he recomended paxil, I also suffer from panic attacks which seem to be getting worse. Didnt like the paxil, it made my head even heavy. Had to go to bed to feel better. Then he gave me lexapro, well that put me in a full blown panic had to call 911, thought I was dying. So now I only take xanax when needed, but I still feel lousy. Does anyone have any anwers? I am at my wits end.
Dont want to sound discouraging, but I went through the steriod therapy, predisone...6 the first day, then 5,...4 ect;...did nothing for me....Xanax helps me the most, even though it doesnt take the dizziness away completely, it helps get through the day functioning.
I take Xanax for my dizziness and it really helps me take the edge off....Its an anxiety medication..dont know why its used for vertigo, but it really helps me anyways...Only thing that worries me is that it is a narcotic, and can be addictive, and I've been on it since Oct, 2002...When I was my dizziest, back then, I took 3 a day, but I am somewhat better now, and usually only take 1 a day and sometimes actually get through days where I dont have to take any! :D

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posted 04-29-2003 12:10 AM
Hi everyone.
I have been reading everybodys post for quite some time and decided I would relate my story. My symptoms started back at the end of November with on and off againg feelings of lightheadedness. This would happend a couple times of day every day but other than that would feel basically normal. I decided to go and see my Dr. and he said I had labythrinitis and the symptoms would eventually go away. On December 2nd I had a one day procedure to correct some abnormal uterine bleeding. Needless to say about 10 days after this procedure was performed I was at work and I suddenly had these intense sumptoms of feeling off balance. I work in a fast paced rest. as a chef. I never stumbled but felt I better hold on to stuff as I walked through the bar area just to be on the safe side. This bad period lasted for about 3 days with slight improvement each day which enabled me to continue with my work schedule but always having these feeling of being slightly off. I was able to work for about 2 months with always feeling just slightly off. Then on February 14, we had an incredibly busy night and the symptoms came back with almost the same intensity as the first time. I went back to my Dr. and he sent me to the specialists where they performed and ENG and put me in all kinds of positions to try to recreate my feelings. Oddly enough when I am sitting, standing still or lying down I feel almost toally normal. It just that when I am walking or in motion with constant turning that the symptoms seem to be at there worst. Anyway, I was told that my labyrinth was fine and I just showed a slight nystagmus in each eye when I looked left or right fast. My blood work I had done showed nothing out of the oridinary. Had a hearing test that was normal. The ENT specialists suggested and MRI, that came back normal. Once again my Dr. assured me it would just take time for my symptoms to go away. He gave me a percentage that 2 out of every 200 people don't get better and he feels that I will be normal eventually. By this time the anxiety was starting to take effect especially when I became premenstrual. The depression was unbelievable during this time. I was scaring my husband, ,my mom and my friends. They just couldn't understand that my anxiety came from this freak thing going on inside my head. I decided to change my whole eating regiment, tons of fresh vegetable, fruits, doing all my grocery shopping at health food stores. I take over 30 different supplements, ranging from vitamin C to anything that is anti-viral. I started seeing an acupuncturist about 2 months ago and started feeling a slow but uphill climb to feeling better. I had started to have really good days and would do more than I normally did and would have slight set backs when I did but in a few days was back to improving.
Well the other day when I was having a really good day, I pushed myself and even told my boss I felt I could pick up another day at work. I don't know if I did this myself but I feel like I took a slide backwards by 3 weeks and got the anxiety back. People say to me boy you really have bad vertigo and I say it's not vertigo. The only time I felt vertigo was when they performed the eng test and intentionally induced it on me. Can somebody tell me if they also have these patterns of feeling like you're getting better to getting slammed backwards. It seems to always have changing symptoms. I know mine gets more aggravated with the more movement I do. I also read that some of you start to feel better around the 7th or 8th month. I often wonder if I can live my life with having this all the time but I know there are people that do and I know there are people with a lot worse symptoms than me. I would also like to know if there have been sucess stories. I said if I ever do get back to normal I would let people know there is hope and I still plan on doing that when this happens.
I honestly don't know where my life is going at the moment. I feel if I had job where I could sit all day, I could cope with this better. I'm afraid to do any gardending because I don't want to push myself.
So sorry this is so long. I also read that some of you are taking xanax. How different is this drug than dizapam and are you able to function while taking this.
I would also like to know what some of you do for a living and how do you cope with this crud while you are working. If anyone has any suggestions that can help me please feel free to respond.
Thank you for listening to me.
Scant 5

Hi....I am new to this and just found this board. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me as I've seen 3 doctors and even an ENT specialist. I was told there is nothing wrong with my ears. No wax....no water...perfect hearing. I was told I am getting older and quit worrying about it. Well, I'm 48 and I don't feel I'm so old that I should accept feeling like I'm under water half the time. This pressure...ear fullness comes and goes. It started in February when I had a bad chest cold and flew to Arizona. The ear fullness seems to have started then and never went away.
One doctor told me I had emphysema and I just basically freaked out and figured this ear fullness went along with it. However, the lung specialist said my breathing is normal and ears are not connected. Another doctor told me all my problems are anxiety.
I decided my only hope is now to figure it out myself. I just wondered if anybody else has any ideas. At one point I broke down crying on vacation in Arizona because I felt like I was coming in and out of a fog. I've learned to control it, but it is not fun. Xanax in the evening takes all the symptoms away. Thank you for any insight.

best stay away from beer or alcohol in general.. It affects your CNS and dulls the signals... You may feel better on alcohol which most people do, but the rebound effect can be bad.... Its like taking xanax.. I guess once in a while is ok, but the days after are usually alot worse after a drink (atleast for me)