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i can relate to the insurance company screwing you over like that....mine did the same thing to me. they are supposed to be your friends in your time of need like an accident but you will soon find out how the game works when it involves neck problems as that means a million dollar case if possible against them, not all of a sudden they are not your friends anymore and they wish you would go away. they didnt pay for mine either and my secondary health had to kick in to take over the payments, if you sue keep in mind they will have to be paid back from the procedds of your law suit after your lawyer get s paid....but you should go and apply for welfare or medicade....mistyone

sept 02 nasty car crash by drunk driver. got C5-6-7 HNP, T-7-8 bulge, 8-9, 10-11 HNP, L 5 L3 S1 lateral recess, ACDF with my hip on right side, posterior CDF w 11 screws and 4 plates, hareware has to come out in feb 04 when the bone has matured. my n/s quit her practice an not i am up the creek trying to find another n/s or orthopod to help me as they are all fearful of malpractice where the other doctor was.....not on pain meds but on xanax 1 mg and effexor 75 mgs. have torn right rotator cuff w/ some DDD thrown in for good meaure. have left hand dominant CTS and not a happy camper right now....