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look folks- maybe an ACDF with donor bone is no big thing as some newbie maggie boasted about having two of them one in oct and one dec, but did she have them done in the back of her neck like i had? if so she surely would not have said that it is no big deal.....the ACDF with donor in the front of the neck is not as bad true but the back of neck is a nightmare on elm street. listen up little pup, try having a posterior 2 level with 11 screws and 4 plates and then bone from your hip then talk to me about saying it is no big deal, otherwise clam up as you do not know what you are talking about till you been there, then have the staples taken out and stitches out and have to wear an aspen neck brace for 2 months...then post an intelligent conversation

sept 02 nasty car crash by drunk driver. got C5-6-7 HNP, T-7-8 bulge, 8-9, 10-11 HNP, L 5 L3 S1 lateral recess, ACDF c-5-6-7 and then a posterior CDF with my hip on right side, w 11 screws and 4 plates, had a corpectomy/foranimotomy/laminectomy. and that was in feb 03..still on pain meds and on xanax 1 mg and effexor 75 mgs. have torn right rotator cuff w/ some DDD thrown in for good meaure. have left and right hand CTS and not a happy camper right now....

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