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hi i had op on feb 21 and feb 28 ist one was anterior c5-6-7 and 2nd one was posterior c-5-6-7 with my hip bone and 4 plates and 11 screws my hardware wants to come out so when it matures in feb 04 i think i want it out, restricted range of motion here in my neck.....other parts of my back hurt though as added stress from the ops puts pressure on those parts,,,,mistyone

sept 02 nasty car crash by drunk driver. got C5-6-7 HNP, T-7-8 bulge, 8-9, 10-11 HNP, L 5 L3 S1 lateral recess, ACDF with my hip on right side, posterior CDF w 11 screws and 4 plates, hareware has to come out in feb 04 when the bone has matured. my n/s quit her practice an not i am up the creek trying to find another n/s or orthopod to help me as they are all fearful of malpractice where the other doctor was.....not on pain meds but on xanax 1 mg and effexor 75 mgs. have torn right rotator cuff w/ some DDD thrown in for good meaure. have left hand dominant CTS and not a happy camper right now....

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