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  1. THR Surprises
    ... until my primary care physician told me to take my Xanax as often as I needed till I got through this. I had...

  2. Muscle spasms after THR/tub baths/going to floor
    ... taking extra strength tylenol every 4 hours and a Xanax at night. The Xanax helped the most but I was afraid ... and spoke with her about it. She said to take the Xanax several times a night so I could sleep, and not to ... last that long. She had originally given me the Xanax for restless leg syndrome and I was having to take ... thing that has given me any relief other than the Xanax . The evening of my first PT visit I had no spams ... the primary physician giving me the okay to use the Xanax , he said, "Oh science has proven beyond a doubt that ... Xanax and Valuum are the only drugs that relieve that"....
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  3. Mom's TKR with Oxinium Knee
    ... muscle relaxer) 4. Phenergan (anti-nausea?) 5. Xanax (anti-anxiety) 6. Lunesta (to sleep) Doesn't...
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