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  1. Feeling awful after working out!
    ... attack or a panic attack. I now only need to use Xanax about once every 2-3 months for panic attacks (which...

  2. Winstrol - Need some advice
    ... about serious liver damage...he has been addicted to Xanax as well as some other drugs so he does have an addictive...
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  3. Deca Durabolin
    ... Would this be detrimental to my gains? Also, would xanax (muscle relaxer) be a better alternative to drinking ... understand that the subject matter may be sensitive (roids, xanax , etc), but any advice would be greatly appreciated...

  4. Trim Spa? Please help.
    ... am taking 150 mg Wellbutrin (for depression), .5 mg Xanax , Alesse birth control pill, Zytec D (occasionally...
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