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Has anyone tried Xenical? How old should you be to use it? I am one year younger than the driving age. I wanted to try Meridia, but then I am afraid I might be too young and there are so many articles out there saying that it is bad and that there have been many deaths associated with Meridia. If anyone has any tips please feel free to post them.
My sister used Xenical for a few months. It did not help her lose weight, only helped to not gain any more. It's nasty! Anytime she felt like passing gas, she had to go to the toilet, because on Xenical, you will pass any grease you've eaten through gas. She ate a pizza once, and oh my, I about busted a gut laughing at her! The whole toilet was full of orange grease, and if you don't clean it out right then, it will stain the toilet! When she ate meat, the grease was orange. When she ate veggies, it was green! Good luck!
I tried Xenical but didn't have any success. It only really works if you eat a lot of fat, whereas my problem is too many carbs and sugars. I didn't have any disasters, but I don't eat fatty foods.

I did know a women in her 40's who messed her bed because she could not make it to the toilet in time, so be cautious about what you eat if you do try them. I know another person who lost 20kg by taking them too.

Have a good look at your current diet and if high fat foods are your problem, then Xenical could very well work for you. It will probably only take one really fatty meal to change your whole diet whilst you are taking them.

I am not sure of a minimum age though. :wave: