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[QUOTE=~Melody~]thanks soo much for the info, I went to the site and is great! I'm gonna try to buy the book. thanks againcircletrey ....

Hi Melody,

I tried the atkins diet a while back and couldnt continue on it cause it was to strict for me. But it does work if you can stick with it. But last friday i started on the xenical pill and i have lost 6 pounds in 4 days, i hope that it continues , but if the atkins diet isnt right for you then i recommend at least just trying the xenical. I watch my fat intake, and my exercise level is just house cleaning, taking care of family and riding horses some. But just be careful how much fat you intake cause you will be visiting the bathroom alot it you dont. Thought maybe this info might help you if the atkins isnt right for you. Hope you have lots of luck.