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First of all I would like to say that I am very happy I have found this board. This is my first post and any responses would be gladly appreciated by me. I am a 21 year old male, my height is 6'1. I used to play football in hs and ever since i started college my weight went up. When I graduaded hs I was at 290 lbs, I was a starting lineman. However when I started college and work I immediately started to gain weight, I was up to 405 lbs. 5 months ago I started working out and taking Xenical for weight loss, I also do cardio training 3 times a week (2-4 miles of powerwalking and running on a treadmill at a time) and lotsa of weight lifting. I am now down to 369 lbs but I have recently started feeling very very tired. I also get lotsa of nauseas, headaches, and sometimes I barely have energy to go throught my day. Are these side effects of Xenical or my weight loss or should I be concerned and go see a professional? Can anybody recommend to me some sort of energy shake or food? Thank you, any responses will be gladly appreciated by me.