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I used to eat a lot of junk food also, an addict you might say. Although I live 4 miles away from the fast food places I would plan a trip around going to them. sometimes three times a day! It was hard to stop the cravings, the need for it. I just made this post to
about Phentermine here and what's working for me.

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Hi Donna,
I just joined to post this reply to your post. I have been overweight for the past 10 years. The weight just kept on building up. I just went on Ionamin another name for Phentermine over a month ago. I had heard that it helped a friend of mine lose weight 5 years ago and keep it off. I did a bunch of research on it and found that when combined with other drugs (a cocktail) it had been very successful in helping people lose weight but had caused some heart problems. Although it by itself had not been proven to cause any. There is also a risk of becoming dependant on it. I just found out after a ct scan that my back pain was caused by degrading discs and that I had to lose weight or I would suffer a lot more pain and other issues in the future. I figured that the gamble was worth it.
I could never get started on eating right and then when I did a temptation or craving would come along and I would say later to my losing weight idea. I had even tried XENICAL a few times it helped but I still had the cravings and then my digestive system paid for it later.
When I started Ionamin I almost immediately lost the carvings and the need to eat as much, I did get a bit more tired although I didn't sleep as well either. I did start losing weight. I have lost close to 20 pounds (I was 315lbs) and have stopped taking the ionamin a week ago and the cravings have not come back. It totally helped me through the holidays when I would have normally gained weight.
Now, I know, that I have had a big kick in the butt to lose weight, hearing about my back issue but I don't think I could have done this without the help of this medicine. I do not read many books, but I have read the book called The New Naturopathic Diet. I don't believe everything that it has to say but it has definitely helped me get a perspective on what foods I should avoid for now. The cool thing about this book is that it doesn’t say that you have to avoid all these foods forever. I just says to lose weight avoid them now and then work them back into your diet. (The word diet should be more like lifestyle.) Then when to bring these foods back and in what order. The Author is Penny kendall-reed. I paid a lot less at a grocery store than the cover price butbut I would still pay the price as it has been worth it many times over. Best of all I am still losing weight and not on ionamin anymore.
This what worked for me!

Now, with my bad back I the only exercise I do is walking, not a lot but a bit everyday. Mostly a lifestyle change.

Good luck!