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Not that I know of. The ones that are currently available all have big draw backs.

My doctor just recently prescribed Xenical for me for the first time. It's not a "diet pill" in that it does nothing to slow your appetite. It works in the digestive system to eliminate fat from your system. I'm pretty pleased with
it. I read all sorts of horror stories prior to trying it but have had no
problems. I've lost and want to keep it off. Xenical is supposed to help
in maintaining weight loss and I'd say I find that to be true. I'm also
hoping it will lower my cholestoral (sp?) levels. I read somewhere that
is a "side effect".

Combining it with a reasonable diet (i.e., if you are someone who knows you
will not be 'perfect' and need some help in keeping your slip ups from setting you way back), I think you will lose more than without it. But it's not a fix. And as far as I know, there's nothing else that is either.

You'd think an appetite suppresent would not be that darned difficult for them
to create. I mean, it's one of the mysteries of life. They can create viagra, but a decent diet pill seems impossible. :confused: