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I have lost 50lbs so far...But I havent been taking the Xenical...I tried it in the past...but I couldnt stick to a good diet at the time. This Time around I didnt think it was worth the cost.
Congratulations , Pipermac, on your successful losses! I would love to be 50 pounds lighter. Keep up the good work. Xenical is expensive but if it went to over the counter I might consider taking it myself. Thanks for the info.
I was using xenical for a few weeks. I bought it over the counter for about 80€ and it was 120 pills. I stopped taking it because it seems like I'm really sensitive to it. Right after a meal I have to go straight to the bathroom. The other night we went out for dinner and I almost didn't make it back home. Even after I stopped taking it I felt the effect for several days after. I'm sure it means I was eatting way to much fat in my diet and for it to work I need to eat less.
Has anyone heard when Xenical will be released for OTC purchase? How expense will it be? Thanks
Well phrased, Squeakyy. I think it gives people incentive to eat 30
% or less calories from fat and, for some people, that leads to a healthier lifestyle. DH and I have been walking as well.

I spoke with a friend of mine who is a nurse and she says that most prescription drugs that go OVC are the same formula but at half strength. The price could very well be less, the same or more than the prescription price. I would definitely try it if the price is less.

Thank you for the information about Wal-Mart, Squeakyy. I hope ours is priced the same. I will call tomorrow and check. That would be an additional $30 saving for us. That would definitely help.

Chevyman, have you gone to the xenical site? They have a lot of info and questionaires that you can fill out to see if it is right for you. You have to be at least 30 pounds overweight depending on your height, I think. The way I understand it is that if you eat 30 % calories from fat the pill will restrict your body from absorbing those 30% of calories. Eating more than the 30 % from fat and you could suffer pretty severe side effects. So far my DH has had none of the side effects. He lost 19 pounds in one week but gained about 4 of those back the second week. I am sure that most if not all of that was water weight but even getting that water weight off of him has to be beneficial to his health. I am praying that this will work for my DH as well as a lot of other people. Good luck to everyone.