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Dear NChick

I lost weight with Reductil 10mg once a day.Take it with water an hour before breakfast.Very modest increase in Blood Pressure-1-3mmHg.So best monitor your BP.Lost 22pounds in 2 months and feel great-look great!Still, I need to reduce another 15pounds to be in the mid range of ny ideal BMI(Body mass index).Don't be ashamed to resort to pills to help yourself.I heard a talk by this professor phillip james from the UK about reductil and he said if you really loved your relatives and friends who are overweight, tell them about reductil!It enhances your satiety centers-NOT and appetite suppressant,so u eat as normal but less than before and the 2nd mechanism of action, itenhances your metabolic rate!u know how hard it is to lose weight after you lost that first few pounds,its because your body adapts to the new weightloss and stops itself from losing more by lowering your BMR.This keeps you losing more n more weight!So go ahead tell me if it doesnt work-average weight loss 5-10IBs a month according to research data!and the good news is....you keep the weight off for the next one and a half years after stopping Reductil when you've taken it for 6 months!Its 3 times more effective than Xernical-and Xenircal's messy!u have to take it 3 times a day and its 3 times more expensive!Reductil Vs Xenical, Reductil wins!!!