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Hello everyone. I am a new member to this forum. I'm from Malaysia, mother of two and currently a homemaker. I have quite a small frame 5 ft tall and weight 66 kg. After two doctors mentioned that I was too overweight for my frame and size, I decided well....its now or never.

I have tried all kinds of diet (e.g. South Beach) including professional slimming centres (name it- cold wrap, warm warm, vibrations, massage). Weight actually goes down but max 5 kg everytime. Now, the doctor is prescibing me Duromine 30 g (and Xenical 10pills per mth) and just started on 5 May 2006. I was hoping to get some support or even online buddies who aim to at least achieve 10-15kg together with me. My ideal body weight should be 48kg. So long way to go.

I would love to hear some success stories from those who had taken this presciption and had done all the way to 10-15 kg loss. Also to share what type of healthy food that you take and the exercise regime you took. Appreciate if you could share with me.