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Hi, Do Not go on Meridia or Adipex if you suffer from chest pains. I went on Meridia for only 1 week and had horribly side effects including chest pains from it. My heart actually started to hurt. Scary!
Adipex is a speed so if you already suffer from chest pains this one is not for you either.
I have not tried Xenical, but atleast this one does not have a speed type drug in it. So this might be ok for you but you need to ask your doctor.
Good Luck! :)
I have tried Xenical for a month and am now on Meridia today is only my 2nd day.

I lost 4 lbs the 1st week with Xenical but then my 1 month check up I gained a lb. The side effects of Xenical are nasty. Basically when you go to the bathroom it's nothing but an oily substance. Which can cause you to have accidents. I decided to go off Xenical because with the cost of the meds and the clothes that it ruined I just couldn't do it. Besides the worrying all the time if you have an accident because sometimes you just don't know.

I'm sure you would need to tell you doctor about the chest pains and probably Meridia isn't the best because of that.