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I have got to say, I now know why Xenical works. I know that it is "supposed" to be a lipase inhibitor and block the digestion of fat, yada yada yada. But it really works by scaring people into eating a low fat diet.

Anal leakage is not a fun phenomenon. I've only been on Xenical for about a week and I've already had three bouts of it. As a man, the idea of a "pad" is so foreign to me (I've really gained a new appreciation for feminine hygeine products).

My first bout of it happened about 48 hours after I started taking it. I was just sitting on the bed reading and started to wonder to myself "what is that smell"....imagine my horror....it soaked through my PJs, through the sheets and into the bed....yuck.

Since then, I have taken to using a makeshift pad out of rolled-up paper towels. That has really come in handy (and saved me from total public embarrassment at least twice).

For anybody thinking about getting on this product, here are a few tips that I have learned from experience.....

1) Don't assume that you won't get hit with that side effect, perpare for it, because it could lead to the most embarassing moment of your life. That means a pad if you are a lady, and something like a pad if you are a guy).

2) The anal leakage is actually the undigested oil that is passing through your system, so, it doesn't really give you any sensation that it is waiting to "come out". You can't feel it come out either, so, it's better to check yourself regularly than to assume nothing is happening

3) Don't Fart. Seriously, this is harder than it sounds, especially for us guys. But, more than likely, if you let one go, it won't just be gas.

4) If you even think like you might have the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom...GO! Don't put it off and wait until you can't wait any longer, because by then it will be too late. Let me explain this physiologically. You have two sphincter muscles which hold solid waste matter in your rectum. The internal one is not under your control, it stays closed until you have to go, the external one is under your control, which is why you can hold it, even when you really, really have to go. When both of these are closed, chances are you won't have the anal leakage, but, as soon as the internal sphincter lets go, you've got undigested oil being pushed down by solid matter and the only thing holding it back is you. Because it is oil, it will sneak out even if you relax a little bit - which normally you could and not soil yourself, but not in this case.

5) Eat lower fat foods. The less fat you eat on the front end, the less undigested oil you'll have on the back end...forgive the pun.

6) Know your bowel cycle. For example, I know that whatever I eat now will pass about 16 hours later - like clockwork. This comes in handy because if I ate a particular fatty meal, I know that about 12-16 hours from then, I'll need to be especially careful. If you don't know your bowel timing, try eating a bunch of jalapeno peppers and note the time. Then note the time that they come out (believe me, you'll know when they come out)

7) Eat lots of veggies - I think the fiber helps to absorb some of the undigested oil on the way out.

As I said, I've been on this product for a week. If nothing else, it has really, really made me think about my food choices, because I know that my odds of a total distater go up with high-fat meals. I'm not sure how much weight I've lost yet because I haven't weighed myself, but I'm sure I've lost 3 or 4 pounds so far. I'm starting to play with my dose a little....decreasing it to just one per day (with my highest fat meal). I have a feeling that I will only be able to stand using this product for a few weeks. Walking around with a wad of paper towels in my crack isn't exactly fun - but if produces results and, in the process makes me stop eating so much fat (out of fear), then it might be worth it for a few weeks.

Good luck.
Just a quick follow-up from my last post. I'm about 2 weeks into using Xenical. I haven't had any major problems since the first three incidents that I wrote about earlier. I have already lost 8 pounds. Partially from the Xenical and partially from eating a low-fat, low calorie diet. I'm still a little afraid of the weird side effects, but I think I'm able to now recognize the warning signs and avert any potential catastrophy.
Following up again.....I'm now down 12 pounds. Unbelievable! At this point, I think that the Xenical has helped me break my bad diet cycle. In order to control the side effects, I have implemented a very low-calorie diet and one that is pretty low in fat. I've also cut out alcohol (which I now realise led to me eating lots of high fat food). So, no nasty side effects (other than one close call) since my last post. I keep taking my multivitamin so I don't become deficient of the fat-soluble vitamins. At this point, I'm only taking Xenical about once (sometimes twice) per day. I usually eat one low fat meal for breakfast/lunch (so I don't need the Xenical) and then I pop the Xenical when I have a higher fat lunch or dinner.

For the first time in a long time, I lost a notch on my belt. And my clothes which used to be tight are starting to fit again. I've even started to lose my extra chin. When I hit the 20lb weight loss mark (which at this rate will be in about a month) I'm going to start going seriously to the gym and trying to actively put on muscle. This will probably slow down my weight loss tremendously, but probably increase my fat loss rate tremendously as well.


05-27-2006, 10:46 AM

Well, things are still going very well for me. I've started doing 2 minutes of exercise in the morning after I wake up. I know that doesn't seem like much, but my muscles are still sore, just the same - just one body part at a time, though. I'll build up the exercise as the weight comes off.

I've reduced my xenical intake to just one pill per day (taken with my fattiest meal). I'm also eating about a 1700 cal/day diet too, which for me is about 500 calories below what I normally eat.

Pounds are still melting away. I've lost 4 more pounds since my last post. So, after a little more than a month, I've lost about 16 pounds! I'm tracking my weightloss with a graph that I made that sets goals for me every day. So far I'm ahead of schedule. At this point I'm still losing about 1/2 pound every two days. But, I think this will start slowing down over the next week or two.

The weird part is that nobody has seemed to notice my weight loss yet. Or maybe they have but they just don't want to say anything. I've lost 16 pounds people!!! That's not enough to go buy a new wardrobe, but it's progress. The 20 pound mark is coming up. I can't wait. I'm also jazzed that I'm hitting my goals early, this will give me a chance to sustain the weight loss before the holiday season, when I inevitably gain 5-10 pounds - though with the Xenical, I bet the holidays won't be quite as bad.

Oh, I've had two very minor incidents with the "problem". Since my last post. Lucky, I was alone and able to deal with them quickly. No clothes were ruined, but there was one close call....I'm still learning the finer points of dealing with this, but if I follow my original rules, I generally don't have any problems.
I also have benefited from Xenical. I took it in 04 for two months and lost 18 lbs but I ran out of Xenical and was never able to purchase it until today again, so here I go again with another Xenical journey. Yes I agree, the oily leakages can catch you and ruin your jeans and day! In fact sometimes when I went out I would be frightened about an accident like that and would actually wear a depends under my boxers just in case. That was only when I went out to a Club or somewhere where you know it would be "INTOLERABLE" to have one of those accidents.
Hi all. Hello snice,
i have just read your posts and it made me think .....in a positive way ..
I went to my gp a few months ago and i did ask him for a slimming pill but he refused to give me any other than xenical because of side effets ...and then he decided a minute later that he wouldnt give me xenical because i have a child and it would be no good as id be having accidents all the time at which point i thought to myself fairenough its a battle with food for another year again. lol
Now reading in your post
" But it really works by scaring people into eating a low fat diet."
Yes i have never thought about that before ....in a way i suppose its like the gastric band/lap band...without the surgery. You have no choice but to limit what you eat otherwise your buggerd lol

I might just pop along to my gp tomorrow and ask for the xenical now ...

This sounds like a good way and safest way instead of taking adipex/phentermine etc to have to controll what you eat just like the lap band/gastric. without the pain lol
(but maybe the odd accident lol )

How are you feeling on them? are you getting anyother side effects?